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After a scintillating and luminous collection of Scarlatti Sonatas, Margherita Torretta regales us once again with a fascinating recording of Galuppi sonata gems. Galuppi, the “Buranello” of Venice, was one the the most celebrated composers of his time and a virtuoso keyboard player as well. He was surely acquainted with the new fortepiano coming into vogue in his time as these expertly written keyboard works certainly suggest. The Belcanto is always present as well as more dramatic musical gestures. This CD is a revelation for all connoisseurs of fine pianistic Art!


Sonata in f minor, Illy 9

Sonata in C major, Illy 27

Sonata in c minor, Illy 34

Sonata in B flat major, Illy 32

Sonata in c minor, Illy 18

Sonata in F major, Illy 12


Galuppi "Colours of Venice" - Margherita Torretta

SKU: AP4151
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